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An IT Consulting firm dedicated to providing the best in class solutions and services to our clients across different industries.

Helping companies transform their Information Technology to be more agile, scalable and flexible. We help clients adopt leading technologies to enhance their environment capabilities and achieve greater business value, operational effectiveness. We work with our clients hand in hand to solve the increasing complexity of managing a multi-vendor IT environment.

With 15 years of experience in the ICT industry, our founding team is putting together their diversified extensive experiences at our customers’ disposal. This knowledge spans areas ranging from business development and marketing to operations and technical delivery. Having worked with multinational technology vendors, as well as local partners & vendors, and serving clients across most of MEA countries helps us better tackle their needs, and offer them the best solutions possible. Adding to this, HYVE has established a network of seasoned consultants and subject matter experts in different industries. In short, HYVE is a big company made young, able to serve enterprises with no complications of large companies, and dynamic to cope with the ever changing requirements of our clients.


Data Analytics

A wide and diverse range of data management and analytics services and solutions built to help our clients getting the most out of their data

Service Management Transformation

Work closely with CIO and IT Teams to perform process improvement, implement best practices using best-in-class technology solutions for managing and executing successful Business/IT Service Management initiatives

Enterprise Mobility

We deliver highly interactive and user friendly mobile apps that improve the productivity of your employees through native apps connected to your infrastructure and residing systems

Data Analytics

Our Data Analytics solutions cover a broad range of services that guarantee our clients get the most out of their data and improve the decision making process through rich insights

Data Warehouse Implementations

Our team specializes in Data Warehouse implementations built on top of market leading DW Appliances and DB Servers such as IBM DB2, IBM DashDB, IBM Netezza Appliances, SQL Server Data Warehouse, SQL Server Enterprise and SQL Server Azure Data Warehouse.

Data Management

Creating a unified enterprise wide data strategy and implementing a Master Data Management solution insures that our client’s data are unified across all systems

Data Transfer and Quality

We provide data transfer services (ETLs) and Data Quality Services to insure that data is moved from source systems to the Data Warehouse in the most efficient method. At the same time, data cleansing is performed for optimum reporting results

Business Intelligence

Our highly visual reporting solutions provide users with a unified reporting portal with preset reports covering various business scenarios as well as a self service reporting platform allowing users to create their own reports

Predictive Analytics

Through Data Mining and Predictive analytics, our solutions provide business users with advanced reporting mechanisms to improve the decision making process and help predict future performance

Big Data Solutions

By unlocking the vast amount of data hidden in the unstructured data sources, our solutions unlocks data that was previously inaccessible through traditional BI Solutions

Service Management Transformation

Our Transformation offerings help you smoothly overcome the challenges arising from managing huge IT Service and allow you to reach Operational Excellence. Through the use of mature and evolved IT Management best practices; we take you through that journey.

With growing business demands, IT organizations are striving to enhance IT Services availability, reliability and security. Not only that, but a greater demand for optimizing IT processes arises to be able to justify the increasing costs of services quality to their business.

Process Excellence

A Structured Management of organizational Change (MoC) methodology for optimizing and transforming individuals, teams, & IT organizations.

Provide the guidance framework required for standardizing the IT management process and aligning it with the strategic business objectives for a smooth and streamlined process.

IT Asset Management

Organize, govern, and report on your IT assets through a centralized asset management system.

Understand your assets portfolio, their association, and their effect on your business.

IT Service Management

Provide a single and unified platform for managing multiple service management best practices.

Automation, mobility, enhanced visibility, and analytical insights for your IT Service Management Process; making them more diverse and providing better integration across wider range of technologies.

Enterprise Mobile Solutions

Our native mobile apps provide both internal and external users with rich and interactive apps that improves productivity, customer engagement and availability of services

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  • Android Development
  • Backend Solutions
  • Integration with Enterprise Systems

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